Products Introduction

Shrimp Chips

Sa Giang Shrimp Chips have been well known in Vietnam since the 1960s. Shrimps from the fresh and sea water such as mantis shrimp, spear shrimp, white shrimp, short horned prawn, giant tiger prawn… processed through the hands of skillful workers has brought characteristic taste of Sa Giang Shrimp Chips. Currently, in addition to the traditional Shrimp Chips, Sa Giang has developed many new products such as crab crackers, fish crackers, cuttlefish crackers, vegetable crackers… to meet the diverse tastes of the consumers

Rice Products

They are very good to have on breakfast, daily meals, easy to cook by any ways such as cooking chicken soup or beef soup or fry with pork, shrimp, egg, vegetables… With key ingredients from rice flour, tapioca starch and seasonings to have better taste characteristics than other products. Together with hygienic processing, strictly quality management help make security products for consumer health.

Meat Products

Sa Giang meat products are nutritious, delicious and flavor. Produced on a safe processing line, sanitary from imported raw material to finished products is strictly tested, do not use toxic additives such as borax, saltpeter….Products suitable for use in daily meals, banquets, picnics, holidays or party…


Bottled Drinking Water

Produced from local aquatic water, manufactured in accordance with modern American technology. Products ensure purity by processing through the reverse osmosis RO, sterilized with ozone and UV.